NIGHTDREAMER 2nd Edition: A collection of poetry and art by Johan Palacio (1994-2004)

NightDreamer (Second Edition), published in March 2004, is composed of various literary and art creations that capture the early years of my life from 1994 to 2003. It is an updated and completely revised version of my 2001 original NightDreamer book which featured 3 additional writers, each with a unique and distinctive style. NightDreamer (Second Edition) is a special solo collection that includes selected poems from the original NightDreamer, as well as additional writings that took place between 2001 and 2003. It has work that expresses experiences and feelings that everyone can relate to. This collection is meant to be read with very deep observation and attention in order to fully benefit from it.


NightDreamer (Second Edition)
Copyright © 2004 by Johan Palacio. 
ISBN: 0-75963-232-4 
Cover Design: Johan Palacio 
Book Layout and Design: Johan Palacio 
Editor: Johan Palacio 
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