1. Chaos in the Energy Flowing System 

(J.Palacio) © 2003, 2009 by Johan Palacio


I m going to make you proud of me

Seeds ache and flame inside of me

I'm going to dig beneath the ground 


And roll it all toward you

And play it all for you

I'm gonna prove it to you


But I can't make you want me 

And I can't make you love me

Yet I can't help it if I want you 

To love everything about me


But I can't let peace fill me inside

Yet I can't change this mellow mind

And I can't help if I want you

To marvel right back at me


I need to feed my soul 

I've learned to be alone 

I should be happy alone 

(But) It's good to be with you 

(Oh) It's great to be with you 


I need to speak my mind 

I've been held behind 

I need to catch up with time 

(But) It's so hard to do it alone 

I don't want to wait anymore 


I need to prove myself 

Be happy with who I am 

I should be happy alone

But I don't want to be alone 

I don't' want to be alone 


I should be happy with myself

But I rather find happiness in you

I'm going to do all it takes


And roll it all toward you

And play it all for you

I'm going to really love you


2. John Q. Public 

(J.Palacio) © 2009 by Johan Palacio


I'm so scared of John Q. Public

Running around like I'm some convict

Spying on me like I'm going to do something


Old lady gives me a 

fitch witch look

Old man growls when I 

bump into his book

All the brats shout and 

make fun of me

Run around me and 

spit at my feet


Crowded places and 

Florescent Lights

Dirty bathrooms 

and all its public fights

All those people run 

and always litter

Ruthless drivers 

cut me off on the street 


And girl, to see you 

walk around alone

I'll be the one to 

warning you of John, 

Scanning your body 

from head to toe

Am I insecure? 

Scared to be left alone?


I'm so scared of John Q. Public

Following you around like you're a convict

Scanning your body like you're a piece of meat

Spying on you cause you're not with me


3. I Miss You 

(J.Palacio) © 2004, 2009 by Johan Palacio


You're such a wonderful delight

Paintbrush washes the sky

Delicate and sweet inside

Your lips kissing the horizon


And I Miss You

And I really need you

Baby I want You

And I Miss You


Drive by and deep mourn fills me

So fierce it almost kills me

So deep and lost in distance

So far I can't even reach it


Sad stories fill the sky, but

My eyes shimmer at your sight

As your body lays on the horizon

Sounds like I weep to wizen


And I Miss You

And I really need you

Baby I want You

And I Miss You


And I Miss You

And I really need you

Baby I want You

And I Miss You


Miss you when the day is dark

Think of you when your rainbow is far

I'll hold you till time is dead

I'll love you after time is abed


4. The Hermit

(J.Palacio) ©2009 by Johan Palacio


I'm not lazy 

Just a little crazy 

I'm a hermit

and i love to spend my time 

in front of my cpu


I'm not anti-social

just social disabled

I could be happy all alone 

locked up in my room


Music recording, digital creating, 

video uploading, being productive


In the future we will see it all had a meaning

when you and me sit and laugh at what we are seeing


Internet browsing, research videos,

editing movies, staying productive


Online research, photo album archiving, online ordering 

& social networking and instant messenger 

with friends I've that never met

meet me online instead!


5. New Vitality (Listen Listen)

(J.Palacio) © 2003, 2009 by Johan Palacio


Listen Listen Listen

(You) Don't know about sitting

Or waiting, debating,

Could you just 

listen for 

once the way 

I listen to you


Listen oh listen listen 

If you want to read 

The reason for my writing 

At least

For sharing, explaining 

The way that I read into you


If I make a comment <you ignore it>

If I want to talk <you cut me off>

If I make a sentence < you just ignore it>

If I show your feelings <you build a wall>


And if you listen

You'd see what you're missing

The special things inside

The reason that your alive


May I let loose

The ghosts that haunt me inside

The webs that cover my mouth

The feelings that eat me inside



Listen, listen.. 

Won't you listen

Sit down and listen

Please, Please listen


My ghost

The webs

My feelings

Please Please Listen


If I make a comment <you ignore it>

If I want to talk <you cut me off>

If I make a sentence < you just ignore it>

If I show your feelings <you build a wall> 


Listen and listen

got to sit down and listen

you are bursting and talking 

glossing is only your calling

the day has darken

but i'm just sitting and waiting

by the phone time keeps ticking and 

passing as I am sleeping alone, 

starting to catch some zzz's

"Hello Hello you seem to plead

Am I sounding like I'm whining?"

you wonder why I am so quiet

just one more thing i'll say

before I let you go your way

everything turning into blah blah

everything turning into blah blah


6. Not Gonna Do It

(J.Palacio) © 2009 by Johan Palacio





People are talking

But no one's debating

Instead they are playing

With their lives


People are too busy

Working and saving

Then they go spending

Deep in the debt


People are partying

Drinking and smoking

Satanic and Pagan

Holidays got their ways


Why the darkness of this world make me want to go crazy

So many tempting and sinful things I haven't even tasted

The media is filling my mind and I can't even take it

My body wants a piece of high peace and bit of that ecstasy 

I'm gonna turn the cheek cause I'm 


People are so stupid

Little things bring them down

Then they go wasting 

Away high and hung over 


People are carrying

Baggage and problems

A slave to this world

Pagan ways got their ways


7. Bandwagon 

(J.Palacio) co produced by R.Palacio © 2001, 2010 by Johan Palacio


Everyone is doing it, so why can't we?

Don't jump into a bed, full of mistakes and greed

He takes in the crack, He's got them stack packed

Dead is the trend, (for) the punk who joined the gang


The crowd is chasing that, so do you too?

He got stabbed in the back, know no one knows Jack

He jumped on the Band-wagon, too bad for all you geeks

Apple seeds, In their systems


C'mon and jump in, to this bandwagon

If you want to do, what everyone else does


Bandwagon antics, too bad he jumped in this

Apple seeds, in their systems

The style is here, you chose to go with it

You chose wrong, very very very wrong


Pills, pills, pills

It fills, fills, fills,

Pills, pills, pills,

It gills, gills, gills

Pills, pills, pills

It ills, ills, ills

Pills, pills pills

It kills, kills, kills,


8. Spirit Threads

(J.Palacio) ©2009 by Johan Palacio


I can't even clamp my eyes up

Weight is heavy on iris


Light is hazy and the room is blurry

The light is cold and it burns


Fluorescent lights fry the pigments on my skin 

Could i sleep yet no one notices?


I don't even understand, I feel so stupid. 

My words they come out and are interpreted wrong


Oh no, but if the feelings are right then maybe i can feed my soul

Oh yeah, but if the feelings are right then maybe can eat some more

Maybe feel some more

Maybe feel my soul


My actions are so wrong, maybe I should walk away

I cant take this anymore, 


Everyday i feel I am not right for you

I want to break down and cry and yell and yell so loud

so loud the world hears me


But you are my lovely soulmate! and we have lived over centuries

Why is this era in time so corrupted?


And hell (though I don't believe in it) hears me as i greet it in my sleep,

In my dream, while all I ache is for a hug and a kiss



Oh no, but if the feelings are right then maybe I can feed my soul

Oh yeah, but if the feelings are right then baby I can eat some more

Maybe feel some more

Maybe feed my soul



The past is a scary dream, The past is a scary story

The past is a brisk wind, The past is a scary melody

Maybe in another dream, maybe in some other fantasy

Meet me in your physical, and not with your picture

I can feel you, now, in a daydream, in a parallel universe

Maybe you'll remember this, in a nightmare, in some other life time


9. Scattered January

(J.Palacio) © 2009 by Johan Palacio


I look at myself in the mirror

but i don't see a man inside

Instead i see a grey dark shadow 

very few smiles that graced my life 


I lay my head on my pillow

so scared of getting old 

and "where did all that time go?"

maybe a change comes tonight


Another year by the minute 

reflecting on what's behind 

the saga still continues

fear still morphs into sight


hold me just like your pillow 

drool on me throughout the night 

I just want to be your pillow 

so I can sleep tonight 


real tight

warm me up tonight

real tight

as the years go by 

love me

long cold winter sighs

no whirlpool 

in my eyes


Everybody's falling in love

But I am falling out of it


The streets are covered with snow tonight

And that makes my home a hideaway


I'd like to take a plane tonight

and leave this cold dump faraway


I just had a dream with you last night

you and me falling in love over again


I just want to be happy

no whirlpool in my eyes


10. The Evergreen Peace 

(J.Palacio) © 2003, 2010 by Johan Palacio


Puffs of clouds are bound in love

(As if they were) eternal puffs of smoke and steam

These thin tall tower trees

piercing into the clouds high above into their seams


God Bless the evergreen peace


Driving through narrow streets and roads

Along the sound and glitter of fresh water streams

The road cuts into the Appalachian trails

And thin and tall trees tower high above into the seams


And on the radio

Violin and piano


Fast and slow

Wicked and disturbing


Close you eyes and sink them deep inside

Look into the wonder that is your mind

Stay in power of prayer and guidance

Find refuge and strength in all of its branches


God Bless the evergreen peace

God bless you and me


Strong beneath ice and snow

Tall and green never let go your leaves

Never gonna fall asleep through the seasons

Its contrast among the cracking leaves


That is the beauty that there is

The spirit that rests in between

The tear drops that are running free

The joy that exists with the beauty we see


(I am) of the universe 

Of the stars in peace


( I am) of the country 

Of the plains In the field 


I am a witness 

of the divine in Piece


(I am) of the universe 

In love with the evergreen


I am a witness 

Of creation around me


I am one 

With the one from above


11. I Miss You Every Day

(R.Palacio) © 2009 by Johan Palacio


As the winter goes by without being with you,

I wonder where you are and I wonder what you do.

And here alone I wait because you're miles and miles away,

And I miss your love each day,

But will this spring be that same?


Hey girl, I miss you every day

I guess life will always be this way

'Cause I miss you 


I always think of you,

But I'm afraid that I may lose

And girl, if I lost you,

I'll never find no one like you.

But no matter how long this takes,

I sure hope it won't be too late

But I'll keep holding on come what may.


12. Ugly/Enigma 

(J.Palacio) © 2003, 2009 by Johan Palacio


I'm frigid 

I'm stone dead 

I'm crude 

A tasteless fool

No meaning

to your days

A mystery

in no phase 

in a baffling 

riddle in your brain 


I am a stranger 

to your thoughts 


I don't know why

you didn't love me

I don't know why

you didn't keep me


I am a stranger

to your thoughts

I have no meaning 

to your cause 


Green rotten apples 

In a fruit bowl full of worms 

Goo that sticks like maggot 

In a their buffet brawl 


Mirror plate on the walls

Shatter pieces of my many flaws

Razor cuts on my skin

Bleeding from all the insults


Do I have to scare you away?

Must I bring this vomit up on a tray? 

I am a stranger 

to your thoughts

I have no meaning

for the unknown


Do I have to scare you away

Must I bring my troubles, serve it all on a plate?


I am a stranger 

to your thoughts

I have no meaning

for the unknown


I don't be long in any photo album

Or need a memo in your daily planner


Just try to keep me in your memory

But if it all goes with out your hold

Then I should live on as the Unknown