Artist Statement

Update: Jan 2015-PRESENT: Due to unfortunate personal circumstances, I have paused all work associated with my SpiralEye project.


Update: 2023: I will be releasing new music in the genre of electronic sci-fi themed music. Please head over to

and my instagram (


Original Artist Statement:

I am a Colombian born artist who is currently working on vector illustrations and a graphic novel based on a narrative currently underdevelopment. The artwork illustrates the tale of a hero named SpiralEye who sets out on an his epic journey to save the world from a prophesied doom. Many of the images originate from visions and dreams while others are influenced from my studies in ancient civilizations, mythology, cosmology, and various religious texts. Through these illustrations, I present a narrative that explores my curiosity into the unknown complexities of the supernatural and universe. The work is very autobiographical as well and reflects a personal spiritual journey meant to clarify and fulfill a purpose in life. It deals greatly with the overall improvement of the human self in its quest for perfection and inner peace. 


Currently, I am focusing my artistic abilities on sketching, illustration, traditional and digital photography, graphic design and film making. I specialize in using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere Pro. In addition, I also love to write lyrics/poetry, perform instruments, and record music and am currently building a soundtrack for my graphic novel. I use Logic Pro to record, mix, and master my sounds. 


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